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What are our friends saying about INTRA?

"My husband Peter and I have been drinking Intra for years, and we are both enjoying better health, no question ..."
Stella Jones - Toronto, Ontario

"Drinking a little Intra each day has made me happier, healthier, I have not been as tired ..."
Richard English - Vancouver, British Columbia

"I was introduced to Intra by a friend and I have been a regular consumer for years. I now enjoy the extra income that comes from selling Intra …" Simone Simpson - San Francisco, California

"My job requires me to sit long hours in front of computer and when started drinking INTRA every day in the morning, I realized that my energy was noticeable up throughout the day ..."
Maciej Glodek - San Francisco, California




INTRA - Great New Look! Same Proprietary Formula!

A unique synergistic blend of 23 of the world's finest herbal and botanical extracts based on thousands of years of collective wisdom of many different cultures, factored in with modern scientific technology to produce the best of both worlds, ancient and modern.

intra can be taken in either a pleasant tasting liquid drink or capsule form and helps to enhance, maintain and protect good health. As an Adaptogen it works to strengthen and support all the various systems of the body to the specific needs of the individual.

  • Boosts the immune system with strong anti-oxidants
  • Detoxifies the body of chemicals and pollutants
  • Combats the build up of free radicals in the body
  • Feeds the body with nature's own nutrients
  • Functions as a body balancer

The many varied benefits that millions of INTRA customers around the world have received over a the last 18 years speak for themselves. They vary from increased energy levels, better sleep patterns or by helping the body respond naturally to existing health concerns. The body's own remarkable recuperative powers are empowered and fully able to achieve their maximum potential as INTRA's unique blend adapts to the needs of the individual. It is an "all natural" high-tech nutritional approach to give the body what it needs, either to stay healthy or to deal with the consequences of environmental damage, unhealthy lifestyle or an over reliance on food with low nutritional value.

The perfect balance of Mother Nature’s best 23 botanicals is just the beginning:

  • All of Intra’s 23 botanicals are grown without chemical sprays or artificial fertilizers
  • Intra’s botanicals are carefully handpicked to preserve the highest quality and levels of active ingredients
  • After thorough inspection and analysis, active ingredients from each botanical are carefully extracted
  • Standardization and testing ensure each botanical extract has a consistently high level of active compounds
  • The extracts are then blended together to enhance each other’s benefits based on Lifestyles’ proprietary formula
  • The final product is bottled in a HACCP*-certified factory under stringent manufacturing processes and GMP** standards to ensure quality and potency
  • This attention to detail means every drop in every bottle of Intra purchased is of a high, consistent quality for a perfectly balanced formula.

*Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points
**Good Manufacturing Practices


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