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What are our friends saying about INTRA?

"My husband Peter and I have been drinking Intra for years, and we are both enjoying better health, no question ..."
Stella Jones - Toronto, Ontario

"My job requires me to sit long hours in front of computer and when started drinking INTRA every day in the morning, I realized that my energy was noticeable up throughout the day ..."
Maciej Glodek - San Francisco, California

"Drinking a little Intra each day has made me happier, healthier, I have not been as tired ..."
Richard English - Vancouver, British Columbia

"I was introduced to Intra by a friend and I have been a regular consumer for years. I now enjoy the extra income that comes from selling Intra "
Simone Simpson - San Francisco, California



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1 case (2-3 months supply)

3 X 32oz/950ml Bottles

Intra - Herbal Caps SupplementIntra - Herbal Caps SupplementIntra - Herbal Caps Supplement

3 X 64 Capsules

Better Together Pack!
( 2 month supply)
Intra - Herbal Liquid SupplementIntra - Herbal Liquid Supplement Nutria - Herbal Caps Supplement
2 Intra Bottles
1 Nutria Capsules

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